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Online Workout

Wellness starts

at Phome


Why Phome?

At Phome expect to upgrade yourself by gaining strength, upgrading the traditional Standard American Diet and toning down the intensity of your stress levels.


Building strong healthy habits to serve as the foundation for a life full of success.

Challenge the status quo of wellness by working with Phome.

Stretching Before a Run

"The emphasis on form and technique gives me the confidence to work out at home without getting hurt."


- Information Systems Engineer-

"Everything he does is adapted to your unique body and your unique goals."



"I felt better physically, mentally, and emotionally.. like I was finally taking back control of some aspect of my life." 


- Work from Home Mom -

Are you someone that busts their butt in front of a computer all day to make a living for yourself and your family?


Do you feel like you could include some small habits that could change your life for the better, but don't know where to start?

Work on gaining strength through customized workouts and upgrade the standard American diet by using more whole foods.  

Learn to adapt your cooking for easily prepared and nutritious meals. Food sustainable for the long term health of your body and the planet.  


Learn mindfulness techniques to help reframe your thoughts and bring a brightened perspective of wellness into your life. 

Couple Cooking
Home Gardening
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